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Korasi's sword is a weapon obtained from the quest The Void Stares Back. Although it was officially released with the quest on 6 October 2010, it is also used in the earlier quest Quiet Before the Swarm, but only while in Korasi's mind. As the name suggests, the sword is the personal weapon of Commander Korasi, and is used to defeat the Pest Queen at the conclusion of The Void Stares Back. The sword itself requires 78 Attack and Strength to wield, The Void Stares Back requires other skill requirements, which effectively act as the minimum requirements to wield the sword.

In terms of stats, the sword's offensive bonuses are a bit higher than the dragon longsword's, while the longsword's defensive and Strength bonuses are higher, making the longsword a cheap alternative. Korasi's sword is much better used for Strength training than the dragon scimitar, although it has much higher skill requirements to wield (78 Attack and Strength versus 60 Attack for the scimitar) and it requires completion of a much harder quest than the |quest for the dragon scimitar. A good in-between would be the Saradomin Sword which, though fairly expensive, requires only 70 attack and no quest, is two-handed, has a high slash bonus and hits as fast as a dragon scimitar.

If lost during The Void Stares Back, it can be re-obtained by speaking to either Korasi or Jessika, depending on which NPC was saved during the quest. After the quest it can be re-purchased from Commodore Tyr for 250,000 coins. When lost upon death, the sword turns into 245,000 coins.

Many player-killers favour this weapon due to such a great KO rate and high consistency. Many players were aware of the ability to use Energy Transfer on a user in the wilderness. Players would team up to vastly increase the chances of getting a kill. Some friends or hired players would cast energy transfer to the one wielding Korasi's sword, thus providing the opportunity to use the special attack repeatedly (almost always killing the victim). This has now been changed to only work in multi-combat areas of the wilderness, because it was a problem with other weapons as well, such as Dragon Claws.

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Korasi's sword wielded
A player wielding Korasi's sword.
Attack-icon   Attack bonus   Attack-icon
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+60 +70 -2 +0 +0
Defence-icon   Defence bonus   Defence-icon
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon Summoning-icon
+0 +1 +0 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses
Strength-icon Ranged Strength Prayer-icon Magic-icon
+70 +0 +0 +0
Speed: Speed4

Combat styles

CombatStyles Longswords Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Chop Accurate Slash Attack
Slash Aggressive Slash Strength
Lunge Controlled Stab Shared (Attack, Strength, Defence)
Block Defencive Slash Defence

Special attack

Disrupt Multi

A player performing Korasi's sword's special attack, Disrupt, in a multi-combat zone

Korasi's sword has a special attack, Disrupt, which drains 60% of the special attack bar. The attack is Magic-based and not only automatically hits (even through protection prayers, but not the Disruption Shield), but in a single-combat area, will deal anywhere between 50% and 150% of the wielder's maximum melee hit in damage. This makes it an extremely popular weapon in PvP combat. In a multi-combat area, however, the 50% damage minimum is dropped and Disrupt will damage up to three targets in a chain reaction; the second hit deals half the damage of the first hit, and the third hit deals one quarter the damage of the first[1]. In this instance, the special attack tends to indiscriminately target the nearest enemies, but will fail against targets that cannot be attacked (such as another player in the Wilderness that is outside the allowed combat level range). As the attack is Magic-based, it gives Magic experience.

During the battle with the Pest Queen, Korasi's sword has a different special attack, one which drains only 15% of the special attack bar and is used to counter the Pest Queen's 500+ damage special attack.

With the special attack of the Korasi's sword based on melee hits, with a maximum strength bonus of +50 without armour (using PvP gear) and the +70 strength bonus of the Korasi's Sword with a Dragonfire shield (+7 Strength bonus) The max strength bonus with Korasi's Sword is +127 making the max melee hit (using turmoil with +32% strength, extreme strength and aggressive attack styles) 521 and a maximum special attack of 781 (150% of 521) and a maximum multi-combat special attack hit of 521-260-130. Also if fighting Ice Strykewyrms also with a slayer helmet and previous gear, a max hit of 878 is possible using the Korasi's Sword special attack.[source needed]

With a Ring of Vigour and good timing, some players are able to perform two special attacks back-to-back without the use of Leech Special Attack or Recover Special potions. Two special attacks, while wearing the ring, cost 110% special attack. By waiting to attack until just before the bar naturally restores, their second attack comes just after the 10% is restored.



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